Our first submission for this game jam. Hope you enjoy!

Das Einhorn is a game about Jungian psychology. The unicorn paints a canvas on the ground, fighting his monsters and shadows and painting hope into the dark fog of the unconscious mind.


Project Management
Anita H., Omar J., Enzo Pereme

Conceptual idea
Omar J. and Enzo Pereme

Design and Art
Concept art - Mehdi D.
UI Design - Omar J.
Pixel sprites - Dania Rahal
Illustration - Maellys S.
Animation - Anita H.

Coding and integration
Omar J.

Music - Mah
Production - Anita H.

This is our first project and we hope to keep developing the prototype into a more palpable version. Any comment or input on the game would be more than appreciated!

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